Telephone services

There are several telephone services available to you in Cambodia. Whether you’re just passing through and don’t want to pay the ridiculous roaming fees from your foreign providers, or are planning to live in Cambodia permanently, here are a few suggestions.

Mobile phone providers

Cambodia boasts 6 different companies that offer mobile phone services. A few of the better known companies are Smart, Metfone and Cellcard/Mobitel. Prices from these companies typically vary between 6-8 cents per minute for local calls to landlines, and to other mobile phones, with local cross-network messages costing on average 5 cents.

All of these companies cover Siem Reap, Phnom Pehn and most of the provincial areas, meaning you should rarely have to worry about losing the connection to your mobile phone service provider.

Landline providers

If you work from an office, or just prefer a static home phone there are a few landline providers in Cambodia that can provide you with a service. These are Telecom Cambodia, Metfone and Camintel. Installation costs approximately $20 US and depending on your tariff and what time of the day you are calling, calls to other landlines and mobile phones run at 7-10 cents per minute.


All mobile service networks now provide VOIP, at varying prices. The lowest I think is 5 cents per minute. Skype, obviously a brilliant alternative, can be used, as well as other internet calling programs, if your SIM card has a data plan or, even better, if you have access to WiFi.

Where can I get a SIM?

If you’re just visiting Cambodia, you can pick up a Tourist SIM card from pretty much anywhere, local phone shops, mini-marts, and the markets to name a few. There are even booths you can buy SIMS at in the international airports in Siem Reap and Phnom Pehn. They usually cost between $1-2 and often come with a little credit to get you started. You can buy extra credit starting at $1, all the way up to $20. If you prefer to use your own foreign SIM card, most of the mobil phone companies offer roaming facilities though these are very expensive when compared to using a local SIM, especially when you want to call your family back home.

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