Did you know? – 10 facts about Cambodia

Here are 10 facts about Cambodia that you may not have known.


1. From 1974 – 1975 The Khmer Rouge killed 1/5th of the population, mostly educated people.


2. Out of almost 200 countries in the world, Cambodia is the only country to have a building on it’s flag. That building is Angkor Wat.

flag of cambodia

3. The town/province’s name of Siem Reap translates literally to the ‘Defeat of Siam’ or ‘Thailand defeated.’

4. Up to 50% of Cambodia’s current population is under 15 years of age.

50% under 15

5. With up to 63% of Cambodia’s population being under 30 years of age.

6. For every 92 Men there are 100 women in Cambodia

92 men for 100 women

7. Cambodia’s population is currently 15,135,169 people.

8. Cambodia has had several names up until the current Kingdom of Cambodia, these include The Khmer Republic, Democratic Kampuchea and The People’s Republic of Kampuchea.

9. Cambodia’s main source of income is from the massive textile industry here. The second largest income source is Tourism.

garment factory

10. According to recent estimations, there are still almost 4 million landmines active in the countryside of Cambodia.

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