A few beers from Cambodia

If, like me, you enjoy a beer or 10, then what types of beer can you expect to find if you visit Cambodia?

Here’s a small guide to the beers available.

Cambodia Beer

Cambodia beer


Cambodia Beer is an exceptional beer brewed according to the highest quality standards with a 5% alcohol volume. Made from the purest water and premium ingredients, Cambodia Beer is refreshing and easy to drink with a rich, fruity head giving way to a full-bodied and creamy flavor.

Klang beer

Klang beer

Klang is an extra strong and smooth lager beer, with an alcohol volume of 6%. The high alcohol content gives it a pleasant aroma “Bite” and a winery mouth feel.

Angkor Beer

Angkor Beer

Angkor is a Lager Beer with an alcohol volume of 5% and is the original Cambodian beer. Angkor Beer has a full rich flavour, light and hoppy with just the right bitterness. It’s aroma and smoothness gives a distinctively pleasant after taste.

Black Panther Beer

Black Panther


Black Panther is an extra premium stout. With an alcohol volume of 8% it is a very powerful brew, but easy to drink because of its smoothness.




ABC Extra Stout’s uncompromising flavour and taste are the results of the exacting brewing process. Providing 8% alcohol volume, the finest roasted malt and hops go into the making of ABC Extra Stout.


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